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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, first I need to say thank you to all those of you that gave me so many fine links for places to look for bedroom accessories. I have found a beautiful rug and some fabrics that will be purchased as soon as I get the dental work all paid for....yuk.

Now, to follow up with part of the previous post from yesterday. I got to thinking about some new traditions. I read a really excellent article about how the number of people living alone is rising and they are all making new holiday traditions for themselves. That got me to thinking about the remainder of this year. We have quite a few: Labor Day, Patriot Day, Columbus Day, National Boss Day, Halloween, All Saint's Day, Daylight Savings Time Ends, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. That is 12 holidays. Not to mention that I could celebrate each Full Moon too if I wanted. Why not?

Okay, how does this have anything to do with Tuesday Temptations? Well, let me tell you. I can do this to celebrate a holiday. I can do this to celebrate one as well. This has also crossed my mind for an idea as well. Since I actually do own an artificial tree and I have decorations, I though about this too. And why not this one year for Thanksgiving? And reuse those Fourth of July decorations and host a Veteran's Day party.

The more I thought, the more creative I got. Did you know that the Full Moons have things associated with them? Like these from this site. So why can't I host a party around one of them? Especially since as the moon rules my zodiac sign it is totally appropriate.

Instead of being more depressed about being alone on holidays, I can create new traditions and invite new friends to celebrate life with me. Will I miss the old traditions? Of course, I am human and I cling to memories from the past. But, realistically, I must continue to evolve and new traditions will help me with that evolution.

Now, share some of your holiday traditions with me so I can get some more ideas!

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