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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday Temptations

Okay...I know that today is Wednesday. I was home sick yesterday afternoon with one of the worst migraines I have had in such a very long time that I can't even remember it. Good news, I'm over that, but today I broke a back molar and now I will be getting a crown. Not to worry, it's all good.

So, without any further adieu, here is what I have for this week's temptations:

I have set my sights to make my bedroom a Moroccan inspired retreat. With that in mind, I need this, at least two of these, at least one of these, at least two of these, a few of these, this for the bed would be fab, a MUCH cheaper version of this, as many of these as I have room for, two of these, and some fabric like this to make throw pillows to complete the look. Just so you understand the way it should look, check this out.

I am trying to decide on an accent paint that the apartment will let me use, so I have to gather up all the fabrics and accessories and then I can make my final choice. The whole evolution of the room is so liberating. I am using colors that are so rich and vibrant but not so alive that they are not relaxing. The feel of the fabrics is supposed to be soothing and inviting. According to the culture of the Moroccan people, the bedroom is the retreat where you regain your inner energy. They utilize alot of very rich fabrics such as silk and they love heavy woods and wrought iron. The use mirrors and candles since the tents and all the furniture was traditionally transported as the tribes wandered with the herds.

I can't wait to hear what you all think. Also, if you have other suggestions, please let me know!


Miss Me said...

very nice theme for the bedroom although i'm astounded that a $3,600 bed would be sold out and on back order! clearly some people have far too much money (or maybe i don't have enough?)! don't forget to check out your local unicef or 10,000 villages stores - assuming that you have them - since we all know that it is good to support cooperatives and fair trade.

Jess P. said...

Check this site out... very reasonable prices and a portion of the sales go to worthy causes. http://shop.theliteracysite.com/store/category.do?categoryId=2805&link=Store_THS_LeftNav_2805&siteId=220

Knittymuggins said...

So sorry about your migraine and your tooth :( Hope you're feeling better!

LOVE your idea for your bedroom! I would do so many different things with our house too if hubby wasn't such a color-phobe ;) Can't wait to see the changes!


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Sounds amazing. I love that you are really claiming your space.