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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts from Thursday

Well, fancy that! We have made it to the end of another week. Some of us will not work tomorrow and will have a four day weekend. Some of us will work a few hours or half the day and then start the Labor Day weekend. Either way, it is a much anticipated holiday for me. Don't forget the new traditions post already. It was just last Tuesday.

What are the odds of the point for landfall for Gustav? I hope for the sake of Louisiana in general that he changes directions. We will all be watching, because Tuesday next week could be really wet. Will it bother me? No, not really. I am prepared. I will make sure that I take all the necessary precautions and that is all I can really do.

Now that the Olympics are over, what is everyone watching on TV? I am getting geared up about these:
  • Ugly Betty - 7PM CST - Season Starts 09/25/2008
  • Grey Anatomy - 8PM CST - Season Starts 09/25/2008
  • Desperate Housewives - 8PM CST - Season Starts 09/28/2008
  • Brothers and Sisters - 9PM CST - Season Starts 09/28/2008

Another thing I was thinking about, do we really care that Hillary Duff's dad was arrested in court today? Do we really care what Linsday Lohan's dad thinks about Sam? Do we really care who dumped who Jen versus John? Why did any scientist waste brain power thinking about who owns the moon? Are we really so shallow that we care that Brangelina wants more kids? Sorry, I guess I get sick and tired of all of this smut drama. Yes, everyday a husband screws with a wife in a divorce. Does the court care, not unless you will get print time. If you give birth to your sixth kid, will you get press time, not likely. If you get dumped by your man or gal will you make the news? Not unless you go postal. Can't we research how to get every apartment complex outfitted for recycling? Or how to recycle stuff cheaper? Or how to get all plastic containers made of materials that can be recycled. I mean really....

Sorry, I seem to be a bit soap box inclined this week. I guess evolution can get you that way from time to time. When the fog clears, it is easier to think.

I hope that everyone relaxes and spends time with friends and loved ones this weekend. Enjoy good food and be safe.

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Anonymous said...

I'm kinda worried about all the rain next week, I've got to go on Monday to fill out an application for a possible preschool photography position and on Tuesday I've got an interview at Sears to work under "loss prevention"-I'll just haev to be careful and leave early.
I agree with your soapbox, actually I think everybody does except the teeny boppers(I would hope)...this society and planet NEEDS TO BE SAVED!!!
What happened to the MFA yesterday?