"I have never felt that anything really mattered but the satisfaction of knowing that you stood for the things in which you believed and had done the very best you could." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, August 22, 2008


Thanks to my sister for sharing this one with me today. This almost looks like George and Gracie could have been used as the babies for the photo.

I hope every one's week is ending on a positive note. The crown is still a bit sensitive, but I am feeling much better. I am going to go with friends to watch the Texans play the Cowboys tonight (an annual pre-season game) and then I have a ton of things to get done if we actually can get some sunshine in the forecast. If not, I may just have a knitstoneage day.

Thank all the gods that I know how to knit and it is football season. Don't forget to cheer on the US Basketball teams! Yes, I am partial to the Women, but I am excited for both teams.

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