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Friday, March 4, 2011

March Goals

So, I have been following The Knitting Doctor for a while and I must say that I love her wit.  She has been posting her monthly goals and I took that challenge.  I'm sure she has already checked to see if I've posted them...late to the party but here they are:

And what about goals for March?

  • I have the March Sock of the Month underway.  It is not as far as it should be but that will be corrected this weekend since we will be watching the ladies SEC Tournament.
  • I will be completing the "Birthday Cowl" with the Malabrigo I received from Heather in the Have a Cuppa Swap package.
  • I have also put a real focus on getting all the WIP's in my queue completed so that I can feel better about wanting to start new projects.
  • Non-knitting I want to get back to reading more nightly before bed.  That could be a challenge with March madness upon us but I will see what happens.
  • I also want to shed the last few winter pounds and get back to a more concentrated workout mode to get to that size 12 that has eluded me for the last year.
Simple enough I think.  Let's see how I do!


twistedtexan said...

So what's the sock pattern this month?

Anonymous said...

Good on ya! Looking forward to following your progress.

Lorette said...

I like your goals! And March Madness means wayyyyyy more knitting time! Go 'Heels!