"I have never felt that anything really mattered but the satisfaction of knowing that you stood for the things in which you believed and had done the very best you could." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, yes I am on a roll today. I spent last night contemplating life and what all transpired this weekend. I am fine and I broadened my horizons. I must admit that I need to thank my father for encouraging me to always strive to keep learning.

All of this soul-searching got me thinking about my goals for the year. I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I did make some goals. I have managed to pound on some of them already. I have gotten myself on the road to a healthy body by exercise and I love the results. I have gone back to college to finish my degree. I have forced myself to do things that are way outside my comfort zone and lived another day.

I have been culling the closet and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. Now that also means that I need to replace them. I have been trying to "find" my signature look. I know that I look good in button up blouses, so I keep that in mind. I also know that I look good in dresses that have princess seams, so I keep that in mind.

I saw this at the mall and when I tried it on it was stunning. They didn't have my size, I tried on a large and it was too big.....I may have to order it online to get a medium. It got me to thinking that I needed to revisit dresses for the summer. I love this one as a the little black dress option. I could make a shrug to wear at night or a lovely wrap. And this one looks like a great choice for the cowboy boots and dancing on a Friday night out. I think that I am drawn to black and white this year and this dress stopped me dead in my tracks. I tried in on in a 12 and it was a tad tight but I am oh so close to being in it comfortably. It may be the carrot to get me there for May.

I am still "fleshing" out the new look. The new body has a look that I need to be proud of, so finding a style is slow as I continue to get her in shape. As always, I love ideas, so please share your favorite dresses or websites....

Saturday Date with Stephanie and Jack

Okay, now that I have had sufficient time to cool off, I am ready to share the information that I eluded to in the post.

This is a picture of the post card for the event.

Yes, it is true. I donned a pair of leather pants and a vest and went with them. I was over dressed and I knew I would be but I was comfortable. I knew that Stephanie had been to quite a few of these events and would know a lot of the attendees. I was correct. Not only did she know a lot of people, so did Bill and he made sure that I met all of them. I met Martin, the owner of Dare Ware. He is a savvy business man as well as one of the City's leading real estate agents.

I also "ran" into six people that live in my complex. One was the DJ for the event. One is his apartment mate, Big Mike. Mike was a total gentleman and we know each other well, as DJ Genesis (aka Darren) and Mike live right across the courtyard from me and we hang out and cook out together. Mike made sure that I was escorted by an appropriate gentleman at all times and that I was provided with anything I needed. The VIP room was where I spent a great deal of time while Stephanie and Jack did things that they wanted to do without "Mom" tagging along. I also saw Jason and James. They live right next door to Darren and Mike and they were part of the security contingent. James escorted me to the Green Room which is where the models were getting ready. That was a real treat! That is also where I met Brittany. She is also one of my neighbors. She is in a different part of the complex but knows the rest of the guys. She was cute and very interesting. The champagne was a benefit of the Green Room and the VIP Lounge, so I enjoyed some along with strawberries.

I saw a lot of interesting things and got quite an education. What amazed me was that this was not a bunch of disgusting people trying to pick up people. It was comprised mainly of couples that came to a safe place to enjoy things they like and be with others who accepted them for the same reasons. At no point in the entire evening was I ever groped or hit on or any thing else weird. Almost everyone was gracious and fun to be around.

Will I go again? I cannot say. What I can say is that I was brave enough to want to go and satisfy my own curiosity. I did not let my own prejudices or narrow-mindedness cloud my judgement. I went with an open mind. I learned about people that are doctors, lawyers, teachers, executives, and every day folks that all like a different form of sexual gratification than I do. Does that make them weird. No, it just means that they like something different. Enough said....

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay, so I am totally pissed and I know that I am going to get an ear-full from this post but at this point I really don't care.

What has me pissed? Simply put, SWCNLBN has continued to spy on me and my activities via the blog. Now, before you say anything, I am fully aware that the blog is public. That is not the rationale behind the anger.

SWCNLBN was duly advised that the site meter software I utilize was able to pinpoint activity from her School IP Address. She was duly advised that I would have no problem letting the District know that she was using school time and resources to follow the blog of her lesbian ex-partner. Yes, I was still angry and would have reported it just that way. I also let her know that I also had Donece's IP address from her work computer that I would have no problem providing it to the necessary people if she too did not cease and desist the blog reading.

So what is the issue? Well, let's see. SWCNLBN claims to have only wanted me to seek the help I needed and that she still cares for me. So far, what I have learned from counseling is that people that love each other do not really banish them to seek healing that has the potential to break them apart without going through it with them. She is so "concerned" that she has spies following the blog and providing her with information that she in turn has interrogated Megan and sometimes Stephanie about.

So, I turn this directly to you LLG! Step up to the plate. You are afraid of what you don't know. You were my wife for ten years. We were parents, lovers, and friends. I shared my daughters with you and trusted your teaching expertise. We shared a wonderful home that everyone said was warm.

All of this was challenged when you became hell bent on replacing your friendship with Ruth with one between Donece and yourself. You could not be an adult and talk to Ruth about what had happened and why the two of you had grown apart after over 25+ years. You could not face her and say what was on your mind. Instead, you diligently mapped out our relationship to be in tune with Barbara and Donece. We ate where and what they wanted and we did what they wanted on their time schedule.

You and Donece became hell bent on making everything a competition. You drank with her to excess. You swam with her while she was topless while Barbara and I were at work. You shopped for things for our sex life with her and not with me. Yes, I am posting all of this in a very public forum, because I can. It is my blog and I can and will write whatever I damn well please, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. Now, I will admit that there are other things that transpired and I have taken full blame and responsibility for them. What I should also take responsibility for at this point is not insisting that you make us a priority. I could have tried harder to make my unhappiness known about the lack of spontaneity in our new life. Would it have mattered. I do not know. Would you have made changes? I cannot say. But I should have spoken my mind, because I now know that no one is a mind reader and anything unspoken remains unknown.

What I can say is that those ten plus years were filled with wonderful times and memories. I loved you unconditionally, just as your grandmother also had done. I accepted you as you were and never asked for anything else. I accepted your snoring, your temper, your habit of wiping things on your leg, your noises, and all of your hang-ups from your mother as the things that made you special. I am grateful that my daughters had you in their life. As adults they are free to pursue whatever relationship with you that they choose.

What you cannot do is use them to keep yourself apprised of my life. If you want to know something, then pick up the phone or send me an email. I will meet you in a public place and we can talk like adults. Will you? I doubt it because you are afraid of what you will discover.

I have learned a lot of very valuable things this past nine months. I am not totally confident about everything but I am working on it daily. I am not totally self-sufficient but I am working on it daily. I have learned to get outside my comfort zones. I have learned to face my fears head on and work hard to defeat them. I have forced myself to get out and meet people. I have made several good friends that I truly treasure. I have also made time for myself a priority. Since June of 2008 I have lost 46 pounds. I gained a few back after the 10K but I am back at work getting myself back down to the 150 that I was on the 28th of February when I weighed in before the race. I have made getting my degree my priority and I am focused on that. I have also made myself vulnerable by going to the BRB on Fridays for Country Western Dance Lessons. I don't go every Friday and I don't post about it because I don't want you to show up and interfere.

I have also made it a point to meet other women. Not for any other reason than to be friends. I have not been with any one since I have been alone. I am not obligated to tell you that, I am just willing to do so because I can. I have chosen not to wear any of the jewelry that you gave me until such time that the pieces have no emotional value associated with them. If I cannot move past that, then I will have them converted into totally new pieces that are mine and bear no sibilance to their original formats.

You, LLG, need to step up to the plate. If you want to know something, then stop hiding behind the spy or spies. Stop being a yellow-bellied chicken-shit and ask me yourself. You need to face your fears and be an adult. I think that we need closure of some type so that you can move forward. I am not certain of what you want or need but I am open to communicate so that we can resolve this once and for all. We both deserve that from each other and I am willing to make the first step by asking that you do the same.

I am not certain if it is Ruth, Terri, or Michelle that is your spy, nor do I really care. I find it pathetic that you are not adult enough to handle this by yourself. Instead, you have made them pawns in this. If they are indeed your friends, they would tell you to face it and deal with it. I know that Michelle would love to see you cut all times with the three of us, even though she is the last person that is qualified to give relationship advice since all of her relationships have been with co-workers and have all been train wrecks. As for Ruth and Terri, I reserve my comments to just one. I have known Ruth a long time and if this is what she feels she must do for you, then so be it.

So, face your fears. Make contact so that we can end this or resolve it in some manner that will make us both happy. I dare you, because I don't think you can. I think that you are a coward and your own closeted issues prevent you from being able to do so.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Sensations

Just a quick post to let you all know a few things....

S.F. got this today:

Yes, it does replace the Big Dog K-9 that she had already. It is a LONG story and best told in a different forum. The good news, she has a huge load off her mind and now her stress level has been relieved. The "challenge" has consumed our time for the last six weeks and I am glad that the new baby will be delivered to her on Tuesday. The picture doesn't even begin to do her justice, but when do they ever? Now, I have to get a helmet, boots, and official Harley gear.....Oh darn, I have to go shopping at a motor cycle shop....I am SO upset......right.....

I have been knitting as well. I have joined two KALs. One is the Clapotis and one is the Princess Lace Wrap. I am very excited. I have also finished another catghan. I am also in the process of finishing Stephanie's hospital footies....she told me her shoe size was a 10 but it is actually an 11....I have to rip back the toe on one and add an inch and refinish.....thank goodness she told me before I had both of them done....I also am almost finished with both of my Pay-It-Forward gifts...I will be posting pictures here and in Ravelry as soon as I can...

Okay...out the door with Stephanie and Jack for the mystery evening......

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts on Thursday

It has been a while since I have been able to post on a Thursday. This one will be short for two reasons.
  1. Memphis plays tonight on the March Madness march to the Elite Eight
  2. I am wanting to be off the computer because of inclement weather
Stephanie and Jack have convinced me to go with them Saturday evening to an event that I have been curious about but never had the time or "permission" to attend. Perhaps I will post about it on Sunday....we'll see how I feel after I attend. What is important about the "date" is that I am in charge of the decision and comfortable with my RSVP.

In addition to the evening festivities, we will be taking Zoe, Sassy, and Eraser to the park to have their respective portraits made in the Bluebonnets. It will be Zoe's first portrait. Sassy and Eraser are old pros, as we have been taking theirs every year as far back as I can remember....

The week has been charged with IT endeavors. I have been trying to locate IT Support Providers that are local. We currently utilize a service that is located in GA, which is where our Corporate Headquarters were once located. I am also trying to locate a reputable web hosting company that will allow me to maintain the Corporate site. I have the Dreamweaver software but our current host (BOL) forces me to utilize CMX Blue (proprietary software) to maintain the site and even with that, I have to pay them to make certain changes that we should be within our control.

S.F. has been working late, and our nightly phone conversations have been short, as I have been exhausted this week from the lingering sinus infection. I can smell and taste food again which indicates that I am feeling better; however, my body still wants/needs sleep. She has been concerned that I have been burning the candle too far at both ends. She really does have my best interests at heart most of the time, even if she is stubborn. She has been checking on plane tickets and has found some that are $119.00 each way....hard to pass up...I suppose I will have to break down and buy them this weekend....

Okay gang, the Memphis game is on and I have knitting to work on while I watch the basketball game....

Have a GREAT Friday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sharing the Love

Okay, I have been ever so honored by Cynical Knitter with the Sisterhood Award. Awards from AHJ are ever so special and humbling as well.

Now, the rules of this award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post - done

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

  1. Miss Ginger Grant...whose fashion sense is beyond reproach and whose blog is just fun!
  2. Leah...yes, two nominations and counting! Her writing is amazing and I must admit I have to read her posts several times to digest it all before I can comment.
  3. Joe ...my newest guy friend who lives in the Sunshine State. He and I are on a HAWT mission.
  4. Megan...my very first KAL partner and now one of my dearest friends.
  5. Katie ...who shares a birthday with me and keeps me adding things to my "To Do" list...
  6. Melanie...my bloggy girl friend and creator of AMAZING music mixes, not to mention a talented woman all the way around. Her crock pot skills are FAB!
  7. Wendy...whose journey is just as amazing as she is.
  8. Lorette...who has a wonderful husband and her blog is always full of beautiful pictures and knitting!
  9. Amy...who has a huge heart and has been a big supporter and bloggy friend. She is a newly wed and her hubby makes beer.....
  10. And finally, last but not least...Jessica, who has a blog but keeps it a secret.....she has become one of my closest friends, knitting buddy, and pizza/beer night buddies. Her knitting is amazing and when she moves to San Antonio I will be "forced", no compelled to go and visit often!
  11. and I must add my Big Sister as well....she has been my counselor, my sister, my best friend and the voice of reason since we met in 1976. Yes, I have known her a VERY long time and if ever two people were meant to be friends, surely it was us....Thank You for being you!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post - done

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog - in progress and will be finished today

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award - done

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Temptations

So, I am in the process of getting ready for the next phase of my "new" life. I will soon have to decide about my living arrangements. Part of me has been seriously looking at this as an option. A starter home such as this would allow me the freedom to continue to live alone and evolve as needed. It would also afford me the chance for the first time in my life to own my my first home. Yes, I have lived in houses with both of my exes. That is not the same as owning a place solo. The best part is that I can decorate and accessorize as I see fit. Another option would be a condo. It is an excellent choice if I only want to be on my own for a year at a time.

Thinking about these options also has me dealing with a few "ghosts". There are some remaining items that I will need to retrieve from SWCNLBN's house. That is an issue unto itself and I will leave that for another day.

So what are the temptations? Well, I will need a few items for the new place that I do not currently own. I know that I will need a fridge right away. This one is practical and affordable. This one has an ice maker option and would be better. This one could also work. I would rather have the freezer on the bottom but the expense is not worth the difference this time. If money was no issue, then this is the dream fridge.

I also know that I will need a washer and dryer. A stacked unit like this would make sure that I have plenty of room in the laundry area and since it is just me, the size of the units is great. If I want stand alone units, this would be the washer I would choose. And this dryer is the match that I would get as well. Of course, if money was not an issue, this is the washer and this is the matching dryer I would have to get.

I also know that I will need some shelving units. I like this one because it combines shelves with a CD storage option. I would also consider this unit as an alternative depending on the layout of the furniture. Going hand-in-hand with the shelves would have to be storage options. I love this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. These solutions would allow me to get project organized, magazines organized, and generally make the shelves functional and attractive all at the same time.

Not really knowing what the closet might look like, I would love to be able to do something like this to the closet. Having said that, I would also add this, this and this to a regular closet should I decide that the lease for another year is the option.

I will be making a decision soon, as I will be at the end of the original lease/journey on June 6th. I am a little nervous but in an odd way, happy about taking the next steps. I have my letter typed and ready to turn in with the April rent......as always, ideas and suggestions are always welcomed!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally Friday

Wow! I can't believe that it has been ten whole days since my last post. Where does the time go? Or, better yet, what have I been doing?

Looking back, this is what I have been doing. Tuesday was all about Toby Keith. The show was AMAZING! We were out very late for a week night and Wednesday we both paid for it. We were so grumpy late in the afternoon and agreed that we needed to go to bed early and get caught up on sleep. Wednesday was the Quarterly Board of Directors Meeting. While I am not a direct participant, I am the chief coordinator of the activities and schedules. That in itself is a stressful event and I was exhausted again when I got home, so after dinner I was in bed early again. Thursday was my mid-term for my Web design class. It was stressful and I was glad to get it turned in to the professor and home at a decent time. I am also proud to report that I received a 98 on the assignment.

Friday was all about the Clint Black concert. The weather was horrid. It was cold and rainy. Needless to say, we did not spend any time outside at the Carnival. We did spend most of the evening enjoying the Rodeo events. The food was fun too. S.F. had her corn dogs with mustard and I had a Texas-sized baked potato loaded with all the fixins. It had sour cream, butter, chives, bacon bits, cheese, and chopped brisket with BBQ sauce. YUM! We both had water with our food and then beer. The concert was wonderful. Hard to believe that Clint is my age. He sang wonderfully and the sound system for his show was much better as well. We were even treated to a duet between his wife, Lisa Hartman, and himself. All in all, a wonderful Friday evening and a perfect week with two dates with S.F. to boot.

Saturday was a sleep in day, and I took full advantage of it. I also took advantage of the dreary weather and cleaned the entire apartment. After finishing the cleaning, I finally got a shower and headed to Huntsville to see Jack, Stephanie and Zoe. They were a sight for sore eyes. Stephanie has lost quite a substantial amount of her baby weight, 20 pounds to be exact. Of course, Zoe was amazing. The slide show at the top of the blog has some of the pictures. There are more, but I have to get them from Megan's camera and then load them to Flickr. Zoe is holding her head up a lot and smiles so much her eyes seem to smile too. I convinced Stephanie and Zoe to come back to my place and they did. Megan came over as well and we had a girls night. We ate, watched movies and shared the baby. To give Stephanie a break, I had Zoe sleep in the room with me. Man, I had forgotten about the every two hours feeding schedule. I remember now why I only had two kids of my own.

Sunday was a low key day as well. The weather was still cold and dreary. We did laundry and ate. Bathing Zoe was the most fun of the morning. She is quite a tadpole and loves water. We loaded up the car, said goodbye to Megan and headed back to Huntsville. Jack had fixed a wonderful dinner and we all enjoyed the time together. When I returned home, Sassy was quite upset with me, as she had decided that Zoe wasn't so bad after all and had spent most of the morning curled up next to her napping. She let me know how upset she was and finally she decided that my lap would have to do in place of Zoe.

Monday started my Spring Break. I was looking forward to a week of relaxing and frivolity. Hah! Mother Nature had other plans. Monday itself was fine. Tuesday about mid-afternoon I began to feel tired. I even fixed a cup of coffee. I never have coffee in the afternoon unless I am having dessert with friends. By the time I had made it home from work I was running a fever and couldn't breathe. Wednesday was a little better but barely. I called the Doctor. She phoned me in a wonderful Z-Pack and told me to take Robitussin DM. I picked up the Z-Pack, ate dinner and took the first pills. I also took a dose of the DM and went to bed. I did not sleep much at all and felt worse on Thursday. Thank goodness my doctor loves me. She worked me in. I have a sinus infection and the beginnings of bronchitis. The Z-Pack should take care of the infections. She also prescribed a cough medicine for me that contains a narcotic. Last night, I ate some soup and then took the cough medicine. WOW! It knocked me on my butt. I slept like a rock and today I must admit that after I coughed a bit of stuff out of my chest, I felt 110% better. My orders for the weekend are to rest, rest, and rest. And no alcohol for ten days.

S.F. has been calling me during the day to check on me for the last three days. Bless her heart, she is worried that I am not taking care of myself. She has also been shopping for plane tickets to Ohio for my parents' anniversary celebration in July. She was so excited when she called yesterday, but I was not able to talk to her about it, so we will need to discuss at some point this weekend when she calls. The only firm thing I have on the agenda is a long overdue haircut Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. Other than that, I plan on sitting out by the pool in the sun and knitting if the weather will cooperate. If not, I will watch the March Madness events on TV and knit.

I was elated to see that Stephen F. Austin State University's Men were in round one of the NCAA March Madness event. They are playing Syracuse and I don't think they will win but I am wearing my SFA shirt just to show my pride. I am glued to the MSN Live Scores and filling in my bracket as each game ends. I will be doing the same for the women starting tomorrow.

I also have to take a minute to wish a few people March Happy Birthday's:

03/13: My Big Sister
03/18: Big Mama
03/20: My Dad and my sister Deborah
03/21: George and Gracie

I also need to explain. Deborah would have been my older sister had she lived. She was born two years before me while my father was in the Navy. She was born premature at a time when we did not have the technology to keep her alive. She is buried in Memphis in a plot beside Emma. Whenever we get to Memphis, I try to go to the Cemetery and clean up the graves and visit. There are times I wish she had been around so that she could have been my mentor. Other times I remember that everything happened for a reason and I should be thankful for everything I have encountered thus far.

This year we also celebrated the 8th anniversary of Megan's dog, Billy, passing from our presence. He passed away on March 4th. I was not able to celebrate with Megan, but normally we have an old fashioned Irish wake for him to remember the good times and what a wonderful dog her was for us.

And finally, I need to thank Megan. She sent me the Pay-It-Forward gift she had been working on. I need to take pictures and get them posted as well. It was such a wonderful treat and I need to get a thank you in the mail to her!

One more piece of eye candy. I love Sean Connery and while I was looking through the magazines that currently come to our facility (part of the Office Management side of the job) I came across this ad:

What I wouldn't give to be the porter for that bag....even tho I don't bat for his team....There is just something appealing about his classic looks. And the location of the picture ain't so bad either.....

Edit done to correct birthday....and yes I did know it was the 13th and not the 16th....typo's and long fingernails can kill a post... :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Temptations

Today is all about Toby Keith....the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and time spent with S.F. on a Tuesday. A rare treat indeed.

Tonight, the weather was exceptionally warm for Houston and I decided to opt for this blouse with my jeans. Of course, no outfit at the Rodeo is complete without boots, so I wore them as well. S.F. had on one of her mechanic shirts and jeans. She had boots on as well.

For those of you that have never been to a Rodeo, there is not really any way that I can explain all the sights and sounds. It would be sensory overload and I cannot do that you y'all. For those of you that have been, you know the excitement and the energy that is present. The horses, the riders, the animals, and the boots....meow! The crowd was a fair mix of ages and the concert was amazing. Toby is a great performer and I love his music. S.F. is not a huge fan of his, but she is a huge fan of mine and was proud to be my escort.

Friday we will be going to see Clint Black. I am looking forward to that show as well. Clint is an amazing talent and his music is perfect for being pushed around the dance floor (two-stepping term). We will be going early so that we can get to some of the Carnival. I am looking forward to dancing too, as two-stepping is the norm....and S.F. can dance very well.

Okay gang....work calls early so off to sleep hard and fast....

Monday, March 9, 2009

Magic Monday?

Okay, so you already know that this week will be a hectic one. However, I have taken a moment out of my evening to treat myself to a manicure. No, I did not go and get one. I did this myself. What prompted the nail shaping and painting? The South Beach collection by OPI!

I have long been a fan of their products. One of my favorite shades is Hawaiian Orchid (NL A06). It is a wonderful pink that is Sheer with a little Shimmer. It is perfect for work and looks very feminine.

But tonight, I painted the freshly sculpted nails with Paint My Moji-Toes Red (NL B75). The description says that it is a warm rosy red for cocktails on the beach. Now I am not headed to the beach any time soon, but I felt a little festive with the Rodeo in town and my Spring Break coming next week.

Okay...off to sleep now....after all I have a BUSY day tomorrow. I hope that Miss Ginger has some opinion for other pool-side colors, as I feel the need for a refined woman's opinion. How about it Miss Ginger, what other colors should I consider for that alluring pool-side look? I'm thinking that the Brights selections are in order as well as a few other possibilities from the South Beach collection.

Feel free to check out the colors and chime in....nail polish is a wonderful way to add a splash of color to any outfit!

Time Flies....

Where did an entire week go?

Brief Recap: Monday my body was still complaining after the race, so I took it easy both at work and that evening. Tuesday, was the start of the Rodeo Concerts with Rascal Flatts. I did not go, as I had web design assignments for my upcoming mid-term to complete. Wednesday was the 8th anniversary of Billy's death so I had my own little Irish Wake for him. He was a wonderful dog and most certainly will be hard to replace. Thursday was a long work day, as our Sales Staff had an all day meeting followed by dinner. Dinner was held at Tommy's Seafood Steakhouse, and I was also invited. The food was great and the company was wonderful. It was good to be included and recognized for the contributions that I provide the staff. Friday was pizza, beer and packing with Jessica. I will miss her dearly when she moves, but the trip to see her will be worth the LYS tour! Saturday was spent on myself. I did "normal" errands like going to the dry cleaner, getting cat food, groceries, etc. I also had the car washed, as the Black Beauty was DIRTY. I also agreed (some arm twisting did occur) to join the Clapotis KAL. I chose SuiBui Sockyarn. I chose colorway 2501 because I love the blend of the three colors and I think it will go well with a large number of items. I think that the yarn will also work better with the humid Texas weather. Sunday, I went to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center for a visit with Mother Nature. I walked the Outer Loop Trail and took several pictures. They are in my flicker slide show at the top of the blog. I spent the remainder of the afternoon on the porch soaking up sun in the 80 degree weather while drinking Guinness with Adam. Life doesn't get much better than that.

This week has already gotten off to a busy start. On the docket:
  1. Rodeo Concert on Tuesday with S.F. to see/hear Toby Keith
  2. Board of Director's Meeting on Wednesday
  3. Web Design Mid Term on Thursday
  4. Rodeo Concert on Friday with S.F. to see/hear Clint Black

I'm certain that there is more that can be squeezed in there, but I think that I am busy enough. When I woke up this morning, there were 88 days left on my lease. Hard to believe that I have been out on my own for almost a year. A total of 277 days have passed since I moved into the apartment and set myself on this evolution. Looking back, I was less than certain that I could survive without S.W.C.N.L.B.N., but I have proven to be much more resilient than I ever expected myself to be.

Okay...back to the day at hand....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday and the weekend draws to a close....

First, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes. Sharing my journey to the event has been an exercise in humility. I have put myself through the most amazing transformation possible and I must say that I am in love with the results. Now, I must admit that running isn't for everyone and should not be the end all be all of an exercise regimen; however, it has let a part of me out that I have missed.

I digress for one brief moment. I was a track runner in high school. I ran the 44o, which thanks to the metric system was replaced in 1980. I hold my high school's fastest recorded time and the fifth fastest time in the state for that year. Do not be impressed. I mention those factoids just to let you know that at one point in my life I lived and breathed running. Over the years, life found a way of getting me sucked into a different vortex. I have "escaped" that vortex and I have a newly rediscovered love of the run. It releases endorphins that I haven't experienced in a long time. Not as good as the ones released by a rewarding sex life, but pretty damn close.

Today, I slept in and lounged about. All the while letting my body tell me what parts of the run they were not satisfied with. My thighs are still sore and tight. My calves have a little lactic acid built up but I got some bananas from the store. I have soaked in a hot tub filled with lavender sea salts twice. Tomorrow I will be wearing flats so that my calves will not fail me. But overall, I am remarkably rested and at peace with myself. I will resume an exercise regimen on Tuesday morning, but rest assured it will not be as vigorous as the trainer was hell bent on holding me on track with maintaining.

Yesterday, I eluded to a date. I was treated to an evening at the Cheesecake Factory in Sugar Land. S.F. chose this location due to the fact that the location closer to my apartment is small and very hard to get seated for dinner. The one in Sugar Land is larger and can seat many more guests. Special bonus, it is only about 20 minutes from her place, should we ever get to that point. We started off dinner with Chicken Pot Stickers. She had a Blue Moon and I had a glass of Chianti. I had been drinking water and All Sport Blue Raz, so I "allowed" myself a libation. I still had three glasses of water with lemon with dinner so, I remained hydrated. We ordered our meal when the appetizer was served. S.F had a Grilled Turkey Burger with steamed broccoli in place of the fries. She is very disciplined. I had the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich served with fries and slaw.

Now, for the record, I ate all of the sandwich but only had about three fries and a taste of the slaw. The slaw had too much mayo for my liking and was not sweet. The fries tasted like frozen ones, so they sucked. The sandwich was divine! I was full but S.F. insisted on dessert. In order to be able to even consider it, I needed strong coffee and I got just that. She ordered the Godiva ®Chocolate Cheesecake and I ordered the Lemoncello Cream Torte. I had what remained of both of them for breakfast this morning. I though t I was going to burst after all of that food.

We walked around the Mall for about thirty minutes. We ended up at Barnes and Noble and listened to music together on the headphones. Why is it that something so silly can be so much fun? And why did L and I never have that much fun with simple stuff like music? Rhetorical question, and does not need any response. From the Mall we headed back to the concert venue. We went to see Patrice Pike and her entire band. The show was AMAZING! She is one of the first artists that S.F. took me to see and she is one of our favorites. Her song Rufus is our favorite. Here are the lyrics. The show started at 9:30 PM and ended at around midnight. It was emotionally charged and was wonderful.

She is an amazing woman and you should check out her official website. We make it a point to get to as many of her shows as possible and she never disappoints her audience. Her next appearance will be on March 11th and you can bet we will be there for the show, as her next visit to Houston will not be until May.

Today has been a restful day. I was treated to a small beauty day (hair color and a pedicure) and I knitted a lot. No pictures of anything yet, but be patient. The Lady Vols beat Vandy tonight! Go Pat Summitt!

Now, as promised Joe, here is what I am using as my motivation for HAWT.

H = How
A = Awesome
W =Was
T = Transformation

Later this week I will post more about what Project HAWT means to Joe and I. In the interim, just keep in mind that I am in a size 12 (after being so close to an 18 in June 2008) and my two goals for this year: be in a two piece and by December I want to be solidly in a size 10. Realistic? You bet and Project HAWT will make certain that I keep myself honest!

Okay kids, off to bed....Rodeo is in full swing and I have one week until mid-terms and then Spring Break!