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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Floating off to sleep

So, I have a few things to get off my chest.

First, I want to let my swap buddy, Woolninny, know that her swap package was wonderful! There are pictures on the slide show of the treasures. The book made me get misty eyed and I can't wait to make something for Zoe so that I can use the tags! The yarn is scrumptious! Short of the presents from S.F., her gift ROCKED!

Second, Munchkin was born on Valentine's Day 23 years ago. She is the best present ever and because of that, Valentine's Day has usually been about Munchkin. This year I tried to make that rule stick but I made some exceptions. I knew that my ex-husband was in town with his girlfriend to see Zoe, so I added them to the guest list.

That part was fine. He was delightful and we had fun. His girlfriend is a wonderful woman as well and I enjoy her company as well. S.F. was part of the celebration too and she liked them both too. Trouble and Jack were present too with Zoe. She was dressed in a Red outfit with a white crocheted cardigan and the red cap from melaswell. She was adorable.

I have a rant but this is not the place for it. Let's just say that Munchkin and I need to have a heart-to-heart OR a come to Jesus meeting! Enough said.

I also want to share that S.F. has a puppy, Frankie, that has a degenerative back condition that flared up Wednesday night. She had to take Thursday and Friday off to care for him. He is in pain and is on medication. He is resting and we are hopeful that we can get him through this. Her attendance tonight was in question if he hadn't gotten better.

Now, this is the part where I made another exception to the celebration for the day. I had already told S.F. that we would have to celebrate Valentine's Day some other day so that we did not intrude on Munchkin's birthday. As part of that deal, we were not going to exchange gifts, just cards. She had agreed and that was that, or so I thought. She asked me to meet her at our favorite meeting place about an hour before we were scheduled to join the group at the restaurant for the birthday celebration. I agreed, as I never turn down a chance to spend time together. I'm not that crazy.... ;)

Why did she want to meet early, look closely at the slide show. The gold gift bag was the first thing she presented me. It contained a chocolate rose covered in red foil. The bag also contained a card. The card is one of those that you can record a message and hear music. The song was sung by Leo Sayer. The gift was Ed Hardy Love and Luck Eau de Parfum. I protested....but I was happy that she broke her own rule. That let me know she thinks more about me than she wanted me to know....sly one, but now the gloves are off...... The gift also came with an Ed Hardy Geisha bag as well.

Now, if one gift was already against the rules, she slyly handed me a second wrapped in the deepest purple paper I have ever seen. It had a beautiful silver card attached and a beautiful ribbon. It was VERY heavy. I am already speechless at this point and have no more admonishments for her failure to follow the rules. The card was simple and beautifully written. I removed the ribbon and carefully removed the paper. OMG - she had purchased the watch we had looked at together the day we had spent trying on rings.

I am still floating from the emotions involved. She said that she felt that I needed a professional watch for my job and she thought that it was just elegant and sophisticated enough for me. As a watch connoisseur, she has an eye for these things. She has some made by Swiss Army, Fossil, Orange County Choppers, and a Rolex. I know she has others, but for the life of me I cannot remember their manufacturers.

I have two. One is a ESQ that I bought ten years ago. The other is Merona that I bought because it had six gemstones in the band. I think it was about $30.00 at Target ten years ago. After a conversation with S.F., I know I need a dress watch, one for casual evenings out, and one for sporting events. That means that I need to acquire a sports model and get a new band for the ESQ. I will move the ESQ to the casual position as soon as I have the links removed in the Tissot tomorrow.

Enjoy the slide show and I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day....

and a shot of Big Mama with Zoe.....

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Melanie said...

Wow, that was a busy (and great!) Valentine's Day! Glad it was a good one, spent with family and friends (both Special and otherwise).