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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Okay...yes it has been nine days since my last post. And no, this is not confession. What have I been doing?

Well, first last week was rough. I was so far behind the eight ball on sleep that I got as much as I could when ever I could. I had classes to attend to and work so that I can still pay the bills. Not to mention the open house that we had on Friday for our customers.

I was too tired for Temptations, too tired for Thoughts on Thursday, and Saturday was a special day with S.F., Trouble, Jack, and Zoe. I did go to Waldo's on Wednesday for the Hurly Knitters. For those of you on Ravelry, check it out! I love the both Jessica's and Spiffy Jenny! It was a much needed lift in my week. And for those of you that knit and do not have a knitting support group in your life, FIND ONE! These women Rock and I love them all!

Friday was the Customer Appreciation Event at the facility. I was dressed in a burgundy dress with a matching jacket and appropriate heels. The event was wonderful and at 6:40 PM I left to meet S.F. and Chuck and Jana at the Duck. Chimay Ale was the Happy Hour beer with Keep the Glass option. When I arrived at 7:15 PM, the three of them were lit. The cat calls and the comments from the peanut gallery could have been embarrassing, but I actually was prepared. S.F. can't help herself sometimes....she just calls it as she sees it, and her opinion, I was hot....so, I graciously accepted and moved on. I had one beer and that was all. We went for dinner and when we returned to S.F.'s truck, she had a flat. She and Chuck changed it while Jana and I sat in the VW Bug and chatted. After all I was wearing a dress and couldn't really be expected to "perform" now could I? After they were finished, we all said our good nights and goodbyes.

Saturday, even though we had plans, I knew I could sleep in a bit. I managed to get eight full hours of sleep. Eraser and Sassy left me alone and stayed very quiet so I could sleep. It wasn't enough sleep to fill the deficit but it did help. I showered and dressed and S.F. and I met to run a few errands and purchase birthday gifts for Munchkin's birthday on Valentine's Day. We headed up to see Jack, Trouble and Zoe. We had so much fun. S.F. was such a good sport. If for no other reason than that, she would be worth her weight in gold.

Sunday I was able to sleep in again for another eight hours. When I finally was "alive" I cleaned the place from top to bottom and purged some things that I no longer needed to hang on to, as their usefulness was gone. Knitting did occur and I will be taking pictures soon.

My first ex, Trouble and Munchkin's dad is in town to see them as well as his grand daughter. I am actually looking forward to seeing him and his girlfriend Mary on Saturday as we celebrate Munchkin's 23rd birthday. S.F. will be with us and after we are done celebrating Munchkin's special day, we will try to make a new tradition for ourselves. I have no clues what we will decide, but I am looking forward to it. S.F. believes that a relationship that is built correctly and maintained correctly celebrates Valentine's Day daily, so not too much extra should have to happen. We will see what happens since this is our first one...

The week has been packed with activity already and we are only two days into it. I will attempt to resume Temptations next week....

Have a great week all and Happy Valentine's Day should I forget to post...

BTW - Happy Birthday to Rich Neel (7th), Jessica (9th), Micah (13th), Munchkin (14th), Amy (17th), Kevin (19th), and Sassy (20th).


Jessica said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and I love that you included the cat in your list...

Knittymuggins said...

Sounds like you've had plenty of activity lately! But I'm glad that you're sneaking in some rest in between :) And I hope you know it's always o.k. to take a break. Sometimes it's what we need most!

Hope your weekend is wonderful and have a lovely Valentine's Day!