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Monday, December 27, 2010

Rare Monday Sighting

Today was scheduled to be a day for me.  The office was closed and I had only planned three things:

  1. Take Eraser to the Vet
  2. Get the car inspected (and washed)
  3. Renew the registration for the car
That all sounds simple enough right?  So it seemed to me as well.  I got up with SF, amid all her protests that I should sleep in since it was my day off.  I wouldn't hear of it because I wanted to keep the regular hours that I am accustomed to so I would be certain to be ready for bed at the correct time.  Somehow, that first cup of coffee in the morning while she is getting herself ready is much more enjoyable.  We have time to chat a wee bit and she is in a good mood.

After she left, I fixed my breakfast and started a load of laundry.  I was only planning on washing what I needed for a three-day work week and holding off on the rest until this coming Friday.  The load finished while I was cleaning out my knitting bag.  It had become stuffed with WAY too many patterns and items I was not utilizing for any of the current projects.  I promptly placed the clothes in the dryer and began to gather up the things I needed to accomplish the THREE things on my to do list.  All very organized and efficient things to be doing.  Dryer finishes, clothes get folded, hung or laid out to finish drying.  Off I got to get showered, dressed and generally presentable.  So far everything is going as planned.

Now anyone with a cat can tell you that what you wear to take said cat to a vet's visit is interesting.  In Eraser's case, she sheds quite a bit more than normal when she gets nervous, so I never wear white or black, as her fur shows up far to easily on those colors.  But today with the cold I wore dark green corduroy pants, my cowboy boots and a black log-sleeved tee shirt from the last Lone Star Rally.  Seemed safe enough to me considering the weather and the fact that we were going to a feline specialist.  So, no make up since cat fur sticks to that and makes my face itch.  I scooped up the pet carrier and before Eraser knew it she was safely locked inside and we were headed out the door.

We arrive at the new vet, Feline Medical Center, with plenty of time to complete the new patient interview and history gathering phase.  They have a wonderful front staff that instantly put me at ease and listened to Eraser's issues without any negative feedback.  The vet herself was wonderful.  My thanks to Dr. Julie Molitor would not be enough if we are able to get Eraser back to "normal".  The "house" cat, Isabella tried to be nice to Eraser but she was not really in the mood to make new friends.  Dr. Molitor patiently took more history from me and as we talked, we discovered some potential issues that we agreed merited closer investigation.  Now, for those of you that don't deal with Her Highness on a regular basis, you will not understand the strength and aggression that she gains when she visits the Vet.  She becomes extremely hard to handle and has drawn blood on more than one occasion.

This visit was no exception.  The tried Feliway to make the exam easier but Eraser would have nothing to do with it.  It calmed her for about three seconds.  End of discussion.  We placed a large bath towel sprayed with it over her and then the Vet and I worked in tandem to examine her.  She only got bad one time and that was when the Vet needed to look at her teeth and gums.  Blood was drawn from the Vet but not too much or too bad of a bite.  We agreed that she needed to be sedated so that they could get a blood sample and a urine sample without stressing Eraser or anyone else out too much more.  Thirty minutes later the visit was concluded.  It took just over two hours to get all of it done.  I'll spare you all the details, but I certainly hope that the test results tomorrow show us anything else that will help get her back on track.

Off to get the car inspected.  Should be a snap since the car is only two years old, right?!  Guess again my friends.  I lug Eraser and my knitting inside and get comfortable.  About thirty minutes later the tech comes in and advises me that the car cannot pass due to a faulty gas cap.  Seriously, a faulty gas cap and I had to lug all the stuff back inside and call SF for the nearest Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer.  She was wonderful.  She located one about five minutes away and even verified that they had the correct part before I drove there.  Another twenty two dollars later I was headed back to finish the inspection and get the car washed.  Once again, I lug Eraser and the knitting inside.  This time the car passes and in thirty minutes we are all finished and back in the car once again.

Eraser falls asleep from all the stress and the ride home is quiet.  I drop her off and then go tot the laundry mat to wash all the cat bedding.  Part of her "issue" causes this weekly trip.  After that, which was not scheduled, I drop off the bedding and head to the Kroger's to renew the registration.  I stand in line for forty-five minutes only to be informed that they no longer provide that service.  A thousand horrid words wanted to escape my mouth but they didn't.  I head back to the HEB and when I got to the Courtesy Booth there was no one in line.  BONUS!!!!  It took about five minutes and then I did a tiny bit of shopping and headed to the next stop.  I had to go to PetSmart for some canned cat food, a second litter pan, a scoop and a special litter.  I must really love this fluff ball.  Finally done I got back home at 4:45 PM.  I left home at 8:00 AM to start the day of three errands.  Not exactly how I planned to spend my day off.

Starting this evening, Eraser and Sassy get 1/4 cup of dry food and two table spoons of wet food.  Before I go to bed all food is to be removed.  They are no longer free feeders.  Ms. Eraser went up by almost two whole pounds from last year at this time.  They will get food two times a day and that is that.  They will need to learn to eat when the food is out.  We should have all the test results back by the end of the week, so i am hopeful that we can get to the bottom of the issues and get them all resolved before anything else develops.

Keep your fingers crossed and send healthy kitty mojo to her....


Amy Darsie said...

The last time I went to have my car inspected I had to wait almost three hours! Awful, I tell ya - just for a lightbulb that goes over my license plate.

I hope all goes well with the kitty!

knitguyla said...

I'm tired just reading this post. I've been off for three days and haven't shaved nor removed my pajamas. LOL. I just wanted to pop in to say all the best for 2011!! I hope everything works out with kitty!