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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Temptations

Okay, I just realized that I totally skipped last week's entry. I did post pictures of the favorite yarn submission for the SITM KAL Contest #2 and of my favorite way to use old stash. I hope that counts for something.

I have been in a real funk of sorts for the last two weeks. Munchkin and Trouble have returned to their respective colleges and the house has settled back into our "normal" routine. But something is still not quite right. The weather has been awful still as well. I have not been able to do any of my normal outdoor work at all this summer and we have even lost several plants to root rot from all of the rain. I have tried to remain focused and direct my energies to the inside of the house.

I am pleased to say that after this weekend, I am starting to feel like my "normal" self. I especially want to share a story of a special event that Wifey and I helped stage. It is so romantic that I have to share it. It is my offering for today's post because, after all, September 11th is a somber day and we need to share some love when we can.

Wifey and I have a couple (B & D) that will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a couple on September 12th. They are both wonderful women and we love them dearly. Now as most friends go, we all four get along wonderfully and have enough in common that we can spend time alone with either of them and all is well. For instance, B and I love to watch the WNBA. We scream and yell and generally love the sport of women's basketball. While we do this, Wifey and D listen to music, swim (weather permitting), and cause trouble for us. On other occasions, D and I shop all day (clothes and jewels) while B and Wifey do the house jobs that we won't do.

This story goes all the way back to when I asked all of you your opinions on Wifey and I exchanging rings early. We did, and the pictures were taken at B & D's house. I had taken D to the Jewelery store with me to look at a few rings before we selected the one we have. D fell in love with an emerald cut 1.23 carat diamond. For weeks she went on and on about how if B loved her she would get that ring for her. Now for the record, D had the most beautiful ring you can imagine and there was nothing wrong with it. It had two rows of diamonds with a 1/2 carat marquis solitaire in the center. Total carat weight of the ring was 1.5, so not shabby at all. The new carat weight is 2.23.....

D had to take a two week business trip and then a two week trip with her parents, so B decided to cook up a huge surprise. She asked us to take her to the see the jeweler. We were happy to do so. She immediately purchased the stone and made a deal with the owner to hold the stone until closer to the actual anniversary. This is where we come in. Once D got back from her trips, I made her go the store with me several times. They cleaned her ring and helped us get all of the parts ordered so that we could break the mount for the marquis and get the new stone mounted. I took D to the jewelery store on the 24th of August on the guise that she had to help me pick out a watch for Wifey.

We got there and the owner cleaned our rings. She brought back all of my stuff and nothing for D. She told D that the main post had a significant crack and that before she went on her cruise that it should be fixed. "No problem, I'll pick it up on the 1st." Wifey and I had also been asked to set up a romantic dinner reservation at The Rainbow Lodge. We set everything up. We went to our normal happy hour from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and then headed to the restaurant.

We had a room with a fireplace. Reason, it was able to be closed off with two doors from the rest of the dining rooms. I had asked for this from the owner, as she is "family" and I had explained that some of her guests might not like and public displays of affection that might erupt. We ordered wine and chatted about their upcoming cruise to Tahiti. We ordered dinner and started with our salads. The meal progressed and she didn't suspect a thing. We ordered dessert and I excused myself to take out my contacts. Wink wink....

I located the evening manager that had been conspiring with us and gave him a box of Godiva chocolates. The ring had been carefully placed in the box. The significance with this is that on their very first serious date, B had given D a very expensive set of gold earrings in the exact same manner. These were nicknamed the Chocolate Earrings and the story is so sweet every time you hear it. The waiter came in with my dessert and then reappeared with a silver try with a dark velvet cloth on it. He came to her right hand side and told her that they were out of the bread pudding she had ordered but they had substituted "this" as he uncovers the box and sat it in front of her. She looked so surprised and then she slowly opened the box. There, nestled amongst seven other pieces of candy was her "new" ring. She was trembling as she placed it back on her hand. She did lean over and kiss B and then sniffled. She pretended to be very mad at all of us but was just speechless the rest of the evening.

We had a night cap and left them at their house at about 10:00 PM. They are on a plane at this very moment headed to Tahiti to celebrate the big day. We wish them well and can't wait to see them when they return in two weeks.

Remember to kiss that special person and tell them how much you care for them. Happy Tuesday!


Megan said...

OK, you made me cry.

CynicalGal said...

Aww, made me cry too!! Darn you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this beatiful story with us.

Miss Me said...

that's a lovely story. i hope that they have a great cruise together.

(and since i didn't start at the beginning, how about linking back to your post about exchanging rings early... please???)

Lisa said...

Okay miss me...linked back to the original story. Now you can "see" Wifey and I pre-diet, rings, and pictures of the pool and backyard (courtesy of the Munchkin).