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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Harlot - Enough Said!

Twisted Yarns did a great job with this event. I believe that there was approximately 300 Harlot fans in attendance. The woman in the last picture wearing the beast cancer tee-shirt drove for six hours from Sedona, Texas to see the Harlot! That is dedication and support! I couldn't get a good picture of this one young man that had a professional series camera . He was wearing a kilt and beautiful Aran socks and he was working on a beautiful piece in grey wool with a braided cable across the edges. He was very charming and had as much fun attending as he did taking pictures. He was captivated by young baby Gus that was seated in front of me with his mother. The high school was a wonderful place. They had a coffee shop that they kept open during the entire event and afterwards and the coffee was only fifty cents a cup. It was flavored coffee too!

Perhaps I will post my pictures of myself with Stephanie later, but for now, enjoy these. And for the record, she told us that she mailed the squirrel home yesterday so we did not get to see it.


Purl said...

It sounds like we missed a great time! Please tell more and post your other pictures.

CynicalGal said...

Fun! The Harlot is hilarious in person. Love her.

KimT said...

so lucky! I was on a waiting list to see her here and did not make it in!

Miss Me said...

sounds like you had fun. can't wait to see more photos!