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Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Goals - Progress Update

And what about the goals for March?

These were the goals that I laid out:

I have the March Sock of the Month underway. It is not as far as it should be but that will be corrected this weekend since we will be watching the ladies SEC Tournament.

I will be completing the "Birthday Cowl" with the Malabrigo I received from Heather in the Have a Cuppa Swap package.

I have also put a real focus on getting all the WIP's in my queue completed so that I can feel better about wanting to start new projects.

Non-knitting I want to get back to reading more nightly before bed. That could be a challenge with March madness upon us but I will see what happens.

I also want to shed the last few winter pounds and get back to a more concentrated workout mode to get to that size 12 that has eluded me for the last year.

So, how did I do?

The March socks are taking FOREVER.  I think that is due to the US Size 0 needles.  I am almost done with sock one and will cast on sock two this weekend.

The "Birthday Cowl" was finished in record time.  I am now officially hooked on Malabrigo....

The WIP's in the queue....I had good intentions but taking care of Ambre for two weeks took a lot of my time.  She had whipp worms and needed meds every four hours just like taking care of a newborn baby.  I lost a lot of sleep and knitting time.  I managed to get one project in the queue finished and I am working on two others.

Reading before bed did not happen either.  Mostly due to Ambre.  I wasn't able to keep my eyes open so reading was not an option.  I hope that after this week (last week of NCAA basketball for both the men and ladies) that I can focus on this goal more.

The weight loss was challenged by Ambre as well, since I had no energy or time to get to the gym.  That too become a top priority for April.

I'll post actual April goals later this weekend!

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Amy Darsie said...

If I was working socks on size 0s, it would take me forever too! But I've noticed that my gauge on size 2s is getting a little too loose with Magic Loop, so when I get paid I think I'm going to get a size 1 and see how that goes.

Good luck with your April goals!