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Monday, February 21, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted on a Monday.  I know, so don't faint and don't worry.  Everything is perfect!  Life at Chez RubyRingz couldn't be any better.

A while ago (I'm too lazy to look for the post at the moment) I threatened to announce my Self-Imposed Sock of the Month selections for 2011.  Okay, so it is February.  January's Sock was the "Blame It On Jordan".  I used the leftover white from a test knit for USS and the leftover yarn from the USS Knitting Contest.  They were a birthday gift for Megan and she was so very pleased.  Evidence below of the sock:

February's Sock was test knitting for Amy (DeathByYarn) and this is the only picture I have loaded so far:

Test Knitting for DeathByYarn

I have three inches of the leg, the cuff and the bind off and they are DONE!!!  They are lovely and Amy's pattern was very well written.  I'll have a better post about them later this week to and it will include the Ravelry link and the yarn info as well.

So, here is the grand master plan.  I looked at my queue in Ravelry and it was QBLE (QueueBeyondLifeExpectancy).  So, my logical decision was to tag every entry in the queue (starting with the socks) and thus my 2011 Sock of the Month was born.  I also looked at my queue and I had the RPM's for myself already cast on (just one sock).  Thus, they will be the March sock.  I will take each pattern as it is in the queue and cast on.  I will pair the yarn as I get ready to start the sock.  I can't bring myself to stress about the yarn until then.  Life is TOO short for me to stress.  If some of the patterns are easy I may be able to squeak in a second pair but I will not stress about that either.  One thing is certain: I will work my way through my queue and make myself some snazzy new socks this year.

Now having said that, I am also going to finish tagging all of my queue and then I plan on getting all the WIP's on the Project Page DONE!!!!  That means that I should have a nice pile of FO's by the end of the year.  Now, I have some special knitting to do for a few special friends that sent me emails earlier this year.  Their items will be incorporated as I get all of this laid out.  Most importantly, it will be stress free!

I'll have more pictures of the January and February socks later this week!  Tomorrow I plan of getting together with the USS ladies and then with the gang at PAY....more later ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Color me impressed by your sock of the month! And LOL about the QBLE. I'm pretty sure mine fits that description too.

Amy said...

The socks look fantastic! I can't wait to see the finished pair that you are test knitting! I get all excited when people mention that they have enjoyed the pattern!

twistedtexan said...

My sock-of-the-month club has already started to unravel with the epic baby knitting and madtosh obsession I've been having. (But since I made 2 pairs in January I still consider myself "on track".)