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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sit Tight, This Could Be A LONG Post

Okay, if you noticed, the last entry was on the 14th. Why did I not have Tuesday Temptations? I started college last week (Tuesday the 15th to be exact). It is just a math class this semester, but I had to go and get the syllabus and book, and meet the other flunkies that were in the class. Most of them thought that I was the teacher at first, and with good reason. The professor isONE year older than me and his teaching assistant graduated from High School with Trouble.....

Then, Thursday was Wifey's birthday and the day that we had to select our season ticket seats for the Comets. I left work at 4:30 PM, picked up Wifey and our special friends and we headed to Reliant Park. We found the seats that they wanted us to have and quickly changed them for better ones. We originally had Section 104, Row 9, Seats 13 and 14. We upgraded to Section 103, Row 2, Seats 11 and 12. The Special Couple upgraded from Section 104, Row 10, Seats 10 and 11 to Our new section. They have seats 9 and 10, so now the four of us will be sitting together. From there, we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse.

Now if that wasn't enough, remember that I/we have been going to Bally's daily. We get up at 4:15 AM and get to the gym by 4:55 AM so that we are there when the doors open at 5:00 AM. We work out until 6:00 AM and head home to shower and leave for work. Are you tired yet?

Just getting wound up. Saturday, we had to do our monthly trip to Sam's and to Wal-Mart and take Wifey's antique doll, Iva, to the Doll Hospital. And get ourselves ready for another birthday dinner with more friends at Good Company Seafood. Sunday was somewhat restful. We cleaned up the house a little so that we could have the Special Couple over to watch game one. I actually knitted. After game one was over, we went to the Special Couple's hose to watch game two. More knitting actually took place.

Pictures of actual knitting:

Meadow Front View

Meadow Back View

I also want to share pictures of Iva:

Why is Iva important? Iva was made in the early 1920's. She belonged to Wifey's mother and was passed down to Wifey. She is considered a composition large mama doll. That means that she is basically particle board. We learned about the rags used as stuffing and all other sorts of restoration information. This is what I gave Wifey for her birthday. I am paying to have Iva lovingly restored to her original condition. It will take over a year and will cost around $600.00, but I think that she is worth it (Iva and Wifey). As you can tell, Eraser was assisting with the photo shoot.....

More later.....


CynicalGal said...

Wow! Okay, a math class and a antique doll restoration all in the same post...I am fascinated by the doll restoration. Keep us posted.

As for the math class, kudos to you m'lady! Enjoy it!

CynicalGal said...

OMG, I forgot the knitting! Nice knitting...and what fun to get good seats. Happy Birthday Wifey.

Miss Me said...

like ckg, i'm fascinated by the doll restoration. take pics during the process if you can... i'd love to see it!
and a belated happy birthday to wifey.