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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few days ago I stumbled across a post about yarn for Breast Cancer Awareness. Since I am old, and I have eaten and slept since then, I cannot remember who to give the credit to. Here is a picture of the yarn from the web site:

Mine came today. It is the most wonderful assortment of blues and purples with a touch of green and red. I got three skeins. I will agree with the post that I read about the lack of softness, but I feel confident that I can find some wonderful use for it. It seems only fitting since my mother has had a mastectomy and so has one of the Special Couple. A portion of the purchase goes towards providing mammograms to ladies that would not otherwise be able to afford them, so it is a good cause.

It is re-cycled silk, so any of you out there in blog land that have any suggestions, send 'em my way!


Jess P. said...

That was me that brought it to the attention of the Scavenger Hunt swap. :) I received mine today too! Mine is a very pretty blue green, I love the colors. However, mine smells a bit funky - kind of musty. I thought I might wash it before I start working with it... any ideas? Oh yes, as far as patterns go, I think I'm doing the Unbiased purse from Knitty.com

Miss Me said...

the unbiased is very nice. i'll have a dig through the "bag" section of my pattern binder, too, since i know that there is something in there from a back issue of IK. and no worries - any funky smells (other than the funky silk smell) vanish after a nice bath.
great cause, btw. the recycled silk that i have is all from third world coops geared at helping women.