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Monday, January 7, 2008

5 things you hope to accomplish in the New Year!

Okay. We have been challenged to post five things that we hope to accomplish in 2008 for the SITMT KAL.

While some of this will be incorporated into my 2008 Goals Post, some are unique to the Knitting and to the Ravelry community.

1. Finish or Frog ALL existing UFO's and WIP's before starting anything new. While this may not sound so bad, if you check the UFO blog, I posted on June 11, 2007 that I had just finished one UFO leaving me with ten. I have finished one more since then, so I officially have nine. I will most likely frog one of them but that still leaves eight that are all at least ten years old. They need to be off the needles so that I can move on. As for current WIPs', I have seven. To be fair, one is the SITMT socks, one is the Pay-It-Forward item that I have for Cynical Gal, one is for the Pay-It-Forward for Tangled up in Knots, and one is a chem cap for a ten year old boy that is my co-worker's neighbor. So, I have three on the needles for myself that I need to finish pronto.

2. I would like to make an honest effort to knit from my stash. I have three eighteen gallon roughneck storage containers filled to the brim with yarn and some that I have received from swaps that has not made it to the containers due to lack of room. With that said, I put in the disclaimer for yarn for swaps. That is the only exception!

3. I would like to become more involved with the Knitting Community as a whole. I think that there are numerous opportunities that are available for all of us to give and I think that I want to return to making bassinet blankets for preemie wards at local hospitals.

4. I want to get myself to the weight that is healthiest for me. I want to continue the eating program that Wifey and I started on this summer, as well as the exercise program at the gym. I am not setting an overall clothing size goal as much as I am stating that I want to be 165 by my birthday this year.

5. I want to take a serious look at our spending and savings and get them aligned so that Wifey can retire from teaching in two years and not have to worry. Enough said.

and one more...

6. I want to finish my B.S. by May 2009. I will be taking a math class this semester at the local community college that did not transfer and then in the fall I will be going full time on Saturday's to get the whole shooting match done. After I get the degree, I get to purchase a motorcycle....Great incentive!

Okay, so what did you decide was most important in your life to conquer this year?

BTW - I forgot to add that I also plan to learn to enjoy just being in the house with Wifey after May when the Munchkin graduates. For those of you with small ones, you will understand when you get there too. For those of you that are confirmed empty nesters, you also know how I am feeling. It will almost be like starting over new.....almost


Miss Me said...

wow! you have some great goals for the year ahead. i have some serious thinking to do about my goals so that i can write them for sitmt. i'd better get cracking...!

Amy said...

Those sound like wonderful goals. Good luck to you!

And yeah for Wifey retiring! My parents are re-evaluating their spending/saving, so my Dad can do the same in three years.

Anonymous said...

I am truly impressed and now I need to revisit my goals...here I go!