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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My First Sock KAL...

I've finally decided (at the urging of the Forbidden Knitter) to join the Sock It To Me Swap, see the button on my side bar....

Keep your fingers crossed. I have some yarn already picked out that I was ready to start with, but I will wait to see what AJ posts as our Awesome Vendor List gets posted.....

Wish me luck, as I have the UFO KAL that I must work on as well as the SKC Double KAL....

Don't ya just love yarn addiction? I know I do!

Calmer has Arrived!!!!!!

I am so excited!

My order from Richesse arrived moments ago. The yarn is a wonderful shade of blue and is so soft that I want to stop working and begin Fifi, but alas, if I stop working I will not get paid and a dreadful downward spiral will begin.

So, Calmer will go home with me this evening and I will get the needles ready for a Friday cast on. I wish I could have it ready for the 4th, but I doubt that I will be able to devote that much time to it.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Temptations

Lo and behold, it's Tuesday and I have not posted any knitting or much at all. Well, here is the first entry for this week. As I was drinking my coffee this morning I was planning out my week and the upcoming weekend (last weekend before the next birthday).

These are just a few things that wandered through my thoughts and tried to tempt me away from the posted schedule:

1. Dreyer's SlowChurned Rich and Creamy Yogurt Blends - Chocolate Fudge Brownie

2. "License to Wed" with Robin Williams

3. My first non-child appropriate car - a Chrysler Sebring Convertible like this.

4. A romantic Olivia Cruise like this with the Wifey for an anniversary.....

5. Fall trip to here, just because we can.

6. I need this so that I can watch all my favorite shows (Knitty Gritty/Uncommon Threads/WNBA Games/ETC.) while I swim in my pool or while I m relaxing on the patio.

7. I'm feeling like I could use this stone in a necklace or ear rings, or both for my birthday......

8. I have been dreaming of making something with this, as the name is decadent and it seems like a perfect knitting project for something special...

9. I am also day dreaming of this too....

10. And finally....I want to see this too....

Back to reality...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yee Haw, Ya'll!

What will Wifey and I be doing tonight....

We will be celebrating Lone Star Pride at the Festival & Parade.

The Munchkin is even going to sport rainbow colored jewlery all day today too!

There has been actual knitting taking place this week to, and I'll post about that tomorrow with pictures.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Retro Munchkin

Here are the pictures of the Munchkin in her "new" sweater....

Obligatory Cat Pictures

Eraser and Sassy are a bit dismayed at the lack of pictures of them on the Internet. They can't believe that I would slight them in this way, so here are one each of them at their finest....

- Sassy - Eraser

Sahara Pictures as Promised

Okay, before I add these I make the disclaimer...."I am the least photogenic person on the planet and I HATE to be in pictures", so keep that in mind with the stiff poses....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

80's UFO/WIP pictures at last

Okay...I promised pictures of the fist UFO KAL finished project, so here they are....

I'll post a picture of the instruction leaflet later this week....

Monday, June 11, 2007

I am so in love with the Sahara

I recently posted about my finished Sahara. It was part of the last Sexy Knitter Club KAL.

I was very impressed with all of the different yarns that people utilized and with the amount of tips and such that people were willing to share.

I forced Wifey to go along with me to the LYS on Friday after I got off work. I needed to get some Eucalan to finally wash and block mine. I found it, no problem. That wasn't the problem....

Wifey brought along her trusted summer novel and was prepared for a library-like environment. Even though I tried to warn her otherwise. We arrived and for a brief moment I thought that she might actually get her peace and quite while I shopped. Not true. There were two women in the sitting area chatting away about how much orange they seemed to knit into their respective wardrobes, not that I think orange is all that flattering to heavier women any way......She found a spot by the pattern catalogs that was in a corner and was relatively quite.

That changed as soon as she looked up and saw something that she had to investigate. What did she find? She found the wonderful display of Brown Sheep Company, Inc. Cotton Fleece. I'm really bummed....HA! She zeroed in on the CW555 (Robin Egg Blue). She's partial to blue in the first place and secondly, she thinks that I look great in Chocolate and in Blue. She quickly found me and wanted to know how much yarn that it took to make Sahara. Off the cuff I told her 700 yards, as I didn't have the pattern with me and was on a mission for something else I needed to finish the WIP's for the UFO KAL.

To my surprise, she went back to the display and picked up enough (matching the dye lots like I taught her almost ten years ago) for me. She presented me with the yarn and told me that even though her rule about finishing up all the other eleven was still in effect, she really wanted me to make another Sahara in the blue. Now how can you turn that down? I couldn't and so, later this week I will cast on again and make my second Sahara.

Am I lucky or what?

I'm officially nuts....

I recently posted about the UFO KAL that I joined. I am proud to say that over the weekend, I did officially finish the Unger Instant Sweater (#3572 Lacy Sleeve Sweater) from Volume 357 (Circa 1985). I made a few mods along the way, especially since I kept no notes and had to work with what was in the bag.

Officially, the sweater should have been 19" from the cast on to the neck shaping. I guess when I was in my early 20's I wasn't too impressed with that and I made it 15". As a 40+ person, not exactly a length that flatters my mid-section. I also decided that short sleeves were more in order, so I made them stop at the elbow. I promise to get pictures up to the UFO KAL this week.

The Munchkin saw it and officially claimed it as her own. The only other thing I have to do is have a silk tank made and I'll tack it inside so that it is not so peek-a-boo as it was designed to be in the 80's.

It is unfortunate that this yarn is no longer in existence, because the patterns in the brochure are great and very sexy since they are lacy and meant to be worked up in a matter of days. I have been sort of looking for replacements, and if the Munchkin really likes it, maybe I'll even stop on ebay to see what shows up as people destash.

Thank goodness that I only have enough yarn to finish #3570 (V Neck Cable Quickie) or I might be officially trapped in the 80's, again.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sahara is DONE!

I finally finished the Sexy Knitters KAL!

I started on April 1st and I finished last night after I had to frog the neck and re-do it. I can't post to the KAL yet...so here are some pictures

Yarns used:

Main Color: Berroco Glace - color 2579 (Chocolate) - Used 8 Skeins
Accent Color: Berroco Zodiac - Color 9611(Aries) - Used 2 skeins

Modifications - none. I made it exactly as called for for the large. I did change the neck lace a bit by purl 3 TOG in the front. My wrist would just not let me do the called for application.

The Munchkin is now tying it on and swears that it fits her best.....I see a challenge laid out. I told her that I would make her one if she bought the yarn....we'll see. I post pictures of me in it as soon as I block it....

Flash Your Garden for the Crochet Dude....

Okay, I'm a little late with this one as well....but here are the Garden pictures that I promised Drew that I would post....

Helping to encourage FO's

I have been so bad about sharing this post with everyone. The Forbidden Knitter has been so gracious to start the following KAL and I am so on board. I pulled out all of my WIP's/UFO's I have a total of Eleven, yes 11, WIP's/UFO's that really need to have some light shed upon them and this will encourage me to get them off the needles and into the FO column so that I can start some new ones. I will be posting all of them in a future post, as I have decided that if I list them all and rank them in order of the ones that need the least amount of work to be completed that there just might be some shred of hope that I can finish them all this year. Most especially since I started some of them in the late 80's......sad but true.

"I had this idea of setting this knit-a-long after reading a post on the Frog in Knots blog, Alien Invasion. I can identify myself in everything she wrote and I thought that I have so many things that needs finish and so many I start and leave.

So here are the rules:

1. Anyone with any UFO are welcome to join
2. This knit-a-long doesn't have an end date, so anyone can join in at any time
3. You can buy yarns! I think it's a cruelty to impose this on knitters!
4. If you like to join please email me and I will send you an invitation to join the UFO-KNIT-A-LONG
5. Let's all have fun! We are probably bored with this projects so maybe we can encourage each others to change them from an UFO to a FO!"