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Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm officially nuts....

I recently posted about the UFO KAL that I joined. I am proud to say that over the weekend, I did officially finish the Unger Instant Sweater (#3572 Lacy Sleeve Sweater) from Volume 357 (Circa 1985). I made a few mods along the way, especially since I kept no notes and had to work with what was in the bag.

Officially, the sweater should have been 19" from the cast on to the neck shaping. I guess when I was in my early 20's I wasn't too impressed with that and I made it 15". As a 40+ person, not exactly a length that flatters my mid-section. I also decided that short sleeves were more in order, so I made them stop at the elbow. I promise to get pictures up to the UFO KAL this week.

The Munchkin saw it and officially claimed it as her own. The only other thing I have to do is have a silk tank made and I'll tack it inside so that it is not so peek-a-boo as it was designed to be in the 80's.

It is unfortunate that this yarn is no longer in existence, because the patterns in the brochure are great and very sexy since they are lacy and meant to be worked up in a matter of days. I have been sort of looking for replacements, and if the Munchkin really likes it, maybe I'll even stop on ebay to see what shows up as people destash.

Thank goodness that I only have enough yarn to finish #3570 (V Neck Cable Quickie) or I might be officially trapped in the 80's, again.

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