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Monday, June 11, 2007

I am so in love with the Sahara

I recently posted about my finished Sahara. It was part of the last Sexy Knitter Club KAL.

I was very impressed with all of the different yarns that people utilized and with the amount of tips and such that people were willing to share.

I forced Wifey to go along with me to the LYS on Friday after I got off work. I needed to get some Eucalan to finally wash and block mine. I found it, no problem. That wasn't the problem....

Wifey brought along her trusted summer novel and was prepared for a library-like environment. Even though I tried to warn her otherwise. We arrived and for a brief moment I thought that she might actually get her peace and quite while I shopped. Not true. There were two women in the sitting area chatting away about how much orange they seemed to knit into their respective wardrobes, not that I think orange is all that flattering to heavier women any way......She found a spot by the pattern catalogs that was in a corner and was relatively quite.

That changed as soon as she looked up and saw something that she had to investigate. What did she find? She found the wonderful display of Brown Sheep Company, Inc. Cotton Fleece. I'm really bummed....HA! She zeroed in on the CW555 (Robin Egg Blue). She's partial to blue in the first place and secondly, she thinks that I look great in Chocolate and in Blue. She quickly found me and wanted to know how much yarn that it took to make Sahara. Off the cuff I told her 700 yards, as I didn't have the pattern with me and was on a mission for something else I needed to finish the WIP's for the UFO KAL.

To my surprise, she went back to the display and picked up enough (matching the dye lots like I taught her almost ten years ago) for me. She presented me with the yarn and told me that even though her rule about finishing up all the other eleven was still in effect, she really wanted me to make another Sahara in the blue. Now how can you turn that down? I couldn't and so, later this week I will cast on again and make my second Sahara.

Am I lucky or what?

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Michelle said...

You are very lucky... And chocolate and robin's egg blue are my favorite combo! I cannot wait to see that one...