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Monday, June 4, 2007

Helping to encourage FO's

I have been so bad about sharing this post with everyone. The Forbidden Knitter has been so gracious to start the following KAL and I am so on board. I pulled out all of my WIP's/UFO's I have a total of Eleven, yes 11, WIP's/UFO's that really need to have some light shed upon them and this will encourage me to get them off the needles and into the FO column so that I can start some new ones. I will be posting all of them in a future post, as I have decided that if I list them all and rank them in order of the ones that need the least amount of work to be completed that there just might be some shred of hope that I can finish them all this year. Most especially since I started some of them in the late 80's......sad but true.

"I had this idea of setting this knit-a-long after reading a post on the Frog in Knots blog, Alien Invasion. I can identify myself in everything she wrote and I thought that I have so many things that needs finish and so many I start and leave.

So here are the rules:

1. Anyone with any UFO are welcome to join
2. This knit-a-long doesn't have an end date, so anyone can join in at any time
3. You can buy yarns! I think it's a cruelty to impose this on knitters!
4. If you like to join please email me and I will send you an invitation to join the UFO-KNIT-A-LONG
5. Let's all have fun! We are probably bored with this projects so maybe we can encourage each others to change them from an UFO to a FO!"

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