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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No, I'm Not Lost

Sorry to disappear. I forgot Tuesday Temptations again this week, because I was scheduling the delivery of this:

It appears that our old washing machine was just too pooped to do anything else but flood the entire garage. Wifey and I spent a LOT of time drying out everything and putting it back two days later.

In the interim, we went to The Home Depot and purchased the Maytag Centennial Top Loading Washer. Yes, it is exactly like the picture above. It is white and is commercial grade so that the Munchkin and Trouble cannot kill it any time soon. It is not beautiful or attractive, but it is functional. It qualified for the no finance charge until January 2009, so we put the whole thing on the Home Depot credit card and moved on.

That should be the end of the story, right?! NO! The delivery was scheduled for noon today. Munchkin was all set to accept the delivery and inspect the new unit and gladly let them haul the old one away. All of this so that she could be the first to use the new machine. She just got home from college with all of her dirty laundry in tow. Imagine that.....

The delivery crew showed up and told her that the hose on the cold water valve was too corroded to remove and that they could not install the new one until we had a plumber out. To add insult to injury, they would not take the old unit away (which I paid for with the delivery fee) without all the parts, which happens to include the one hose that the plumber will have to remove.

So what did I do? I fixed their wagon. I had them leave the new unit. I called a plumber that will be out to the house after I get off work. When he is done, I'll have Purple Hearts or the Salvation Army/Goodwill come and get the unit for the tax deduction, and I still will get the delivery fee refunded from Home Depot. That way the sub-contractor (delivery crew) will not be able to sell my old unit for parts.

I'll keep you posted on how we like the new machine after I get to use it.

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CynicalGal said...

Holeeeee cr@#$ It is just never simple to replace an appliance - especially when it is out of necessity.

Good luck with it! We have our functional Kenmore that we got in 2000 and it's still chugging along (phew). What's the life span on these things?