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Thursday, December 6, 2007

How Much Do You Love Chocolate?

Well, I consider chocolate a vital food group. Imagine my delight when I found this swap. How much fun could this be? TONS! I need to thank Megan and Katie for posting about it on their blogs. I saw it later on CynicalKinttingGal's site too! Wander over to the blog and take a look see. You might just get pulled in like I did.


Miss Me said...

chocolate comes from a plant, i AM CONVINCED that that means that it is a vegetable. i mean, what else could it be???

Sock It Twice Swapper said...

I am a bad swapper, a really bad one. I just realized, that I posted my hello, not only a while ago, but on the wrong blog! So, I will wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful forthcoming Christmas season. Not much snow in Houston so the White Christmas is out I'm thinking. The Hot Chocolate Swap looks divine!! Please forgive the belated posting and forgetfullness I will do much better now that I realize I am a dunderhead.

Your SITM Twice Swapper