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Monday, April 30, 2007

Something Special

I recently ordered three medals from my dear friend Rob at SaintsforSinners.com, and I wanted to share one of them with you.

Rob is one of my friends from the "married to the man" phase of my life. He was one of the Ex's fraternity brothers from college life that I have managed to keep in contact with. There are others, but he is in NOLA, and that is close to home.

This medal is of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, the Patroness of bakers, chefs and seamstresses. I also received two Saint Agatha medals, one for my mother and one for a close friend. She is invoked against breast cancer and all cancers, patroness of nurses/caregivers.

I encourage everyone to go and look around Rob's site. Even if you are not Catholic or a practicing religious person, these medals are wonderful. Look at all of the famous and infamous people that have made their way to Rob's doorsteps. I myself am not one to spout off religious doctrine, after having spent ten plus years in the Catholic School System; however, I do love the fact that somehow, there might be some spirit that can help when I get in a jam in the kitchen or on a project.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the link to the site! Even though I am not Catholic, I love the symbolism of the saints and have a small collection of cards and medals. I may have to buy one of these! Very cool...

Lisa said...


You will love Rob. He is the sweetest man on the planet. His cell phone number is on the website and you can call him to place the order. He will even give you a personal quiz to see which one might be best for you if you can't decide. I will be getting some more soon too, as I need one for my gardening affliction too.

Feel free to pass his site on to anyone and everyone that you think might like it. I have it posted in my favorite links as well.

Tami said...

Thanks for the cool site link. And mentioning Saint Agatha! No one ever mentions her - but, I chose Agatha as my own confirmation name after her.