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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally a WIP Picture

As Promised or Threatened.....a picture of the baby blanket for my niece's first baby due in June 2007. It is made with Red Heart Super Saver in color 0310 Monet for the border and color 0311 White (as if you couldn't tell the second color). I am using a classic 2x2 rib for the entire border and a double moss stitch for the body. I wanted something that was classic by design and yet user friendly for a new mother. What do you think?

Pattern Info:

Needle Size: 8 (US)

Cast on 180 in Monet and work in Double Rib (K2P2) for 2" (10 Rows); Next row, continue in border for 12 stitches and add White; Work in Double Moss Stitch for 156 stitches and join a new ball of Monet and finish row in Rib; repeat until blanket measures 34 "; finish with 2" (10 Rows) of rib abd bind off.

Double Moss Stitch:

Rows 1&2 *K2P2; Repeat from * to end of Row
Rows 3&4 *P2K2; Repeat from * to end of Row

1 comment:

FemiKnitMafia said...

I love double moss stitch, but I'm too lazy to do it. I'm impressed with your commitment - an entire blanket of it? Wow.
Lovely family.
I'm subscribing.