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Monday, February 11, 2008

Okay, so Valentine's Day is coming....

Okay, yes Thursday is Valentine's Day. It is also Munchkin's 22nd birthday.

I'm not sure what any of you have planned for that day, so I'll just let you know a few things that I know will be taking place around our humble abode.

We have agreed that we will be hiring a stone mason to lay crushed aggregate and crushed granite paths in our back yard. He and his crew will clear sod, lay the weed block, place the metal edging where it goes, lay sand, and then the stones. We will be getting a few rows of 18" x 18" patio stones added around the patio and the house for more usable space as well. All of this so that the yard is more environmentally sound and ready for Munchkin's graduation. This is the last piece of the garden development that was planned. It will center the certification, as we will not need to use any chemicals or have the mower anywhere near the pond and the gardens. The stone mason is even going to help me upgrade the existing pond by adding a cast iron tub. I wish I could say that I could manage that without him, but I would need an army of many to just move it.

Why am I telling you this? Because, normally I am very spoiled. I would normally get something you might see on this website. But I agreed to forgo the normal gift exchange so that we could get this last piece done. I will be happy about it, but I will miss the flower delivery to the office and the stares that they cause when I don't offer who they are from.

I have been advised that there is a special dinner planned, so I am not altogether unhappy. Just a bit grumpy. It was my idea, but I am wondering who took over my body and when I will return to normal. I do get to open my gift from Be My Valentine Swap 2008 (Ravelry). I know that it is from Luci. And I also saw pictures......I know how yummy it will be.

I promise to post pictures. I also have almost completed meadow and should be able to post pictures here and update Ravelry. I have been working on some other things that I will psot about tomorrow.

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Miss Me said...

this year you're going to get a gift that you will have for a very, very, very long time! take pictures... : )