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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Women's Final Four

Who knew....the final four are in place. We have LSU versus Rutgers and North Carolina versus Tennessee.

Sylvia Fowles
Candace Parker
Ivory Latta
Kia Vaughn

April 1st and April 3rd I will be glued to the tv once more......

I think that I would like to see LSU and Sylvia Fowles go to the top. One more for Pokey Chatman. I could rant on that topic for a bit, but I don't want to get on a soap box now. I hope the backstabber (you know who you are) is happy and that her conscious can rest at night.


Scamp said...

That's Sylvia Fowles (not Rowles--though that would be a good name for a Lady Tiger!).

As for Carla Berry, is she a backstabber or a whistleblower? I guess it depends on your perspective. In my opinion, a coach who gets sexually involved with players is violating her profession's ethics.

Lisa said...

I stand corrected on the spelling. Typing faster than my fingers should have been.

If Pokey was indeed having an inappropriate relationship with a player, she would be violating ethics; however, if the person or persons in question was no longer a player or was no longer affiliated with LSU, then she did nothing inappropriate.

I guess it will always be fuel for fodder discussion. It is too bad as well. She has one of the most brilliant basketball minds to come along in quite some time and could have been a serious threat with the LSU team for quite a long run.

Perhaps, in time, she will get the chance to coach again and will prove her talents and prowess. And, hopefully, she will also have learned from this entire experience.

Thanks for the correction and the comments scamp.