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Sunday, July 17, 2011

General Catching Up

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, at least not yet.  There have been too many things going on so I am attempting to get caught up.  Some of this has been goon and some has been a set back of sorts so bear with me.

I have a new job and I am LOVING it.  For those of you who didn't know, and there was a reason why I kept it private, I had been without a full-time job since April 2010.  This had been a huge strain on me and on the relationship that was developing with SF.  She was supportive through all of the temporary positions and all of the interviews and rejections.  The new job is awesome even if the drive is a bit grueling.  It is 36 miles one way and thus, 72 round trip.  Thankfully I have a serious collection of music on the three iPods that I can rely on.

As I was adjusting to the commute and the hours, I lost time with the PC at home in the evenings so I am woefully behind on blogs and Ravelry but I am trying to get caught up.  So, if you get comments from me on really old posts just smile and remember that I am playing catch up.

I have been hitting the gym HARD again and I am seeing results as well.  I am down ten (10) full pounds in a month and I am almost back into the 14's.  It feels great and my self-confidence is hitting stride again.  So much so that I am wearing red lipstick again.  It took a week to get used to the sight, as you simply cannot hide red lips.  But the confidence that red lips bring cannot be topped.  I also chopped off the hair in a modified pixie and I love it.  It is totally wash and wear and is super sassy.

The knitting mojo is coming back and there will be some pictures coming soon.  many of the projects have been for swaps, so I cannot share them just yet....patience.....

I only have one more thing to add.  Please say a prayer for my mom.  She had been cancer free for five years until the Memorial Day weekend.  She broke T11 in a weird accident and when they went in to repair the vertebrae the surgeon noticed that there was a spot on the spine in that same bone.  He took a biopsy and the Breast Cancer had metastasized in the same bone.  It is Stage One, so they caught it early.  She has had two different PET scans and there is no evidence of the cancer anyplace else so they can begin a highly aggressive spot radiation treatment on that are within the next two weeks.  I know that my dad and the rest of my family could use extra prayers for my mom, so thank you in advance.

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twistedtexan said...

Glad to see you're back, and your mom will be in my thoughts & prayers. ((hugs))