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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Well, I have no big surprises for you today. The new network has a little hitch in the get along but we have figured it out and hope to have it resolved before the end of the week. We continue to settle into a daily routine that accommodates all of our needs.

One funny thing to report is the fact that Eraser loves SF. Case in point, last Friday SF had the day off. After my "normal" morning routine (I will spare you the very boring details) I told everyone good bye and left for work. I got a call around 10:00 AM with a morning check-in and was advised that when SF awoke, Eraser was curled up around her feet. When they both were a little more awake, Eraser went up to SF and plopped down and wanted love. SF was able to rub her like I showed her how and even got purring from her. Stephanie was dumb-founded but glad.

Sassy is still not fond of Ambre, but she likes Frankie because he is calm and does not chase her. Both cats actually prefer Frankie more for that same reason and Eraser will actually lay on the tile beside him in the evenings if SF and I are on the couch together watching TV or talking. They lie just close enough to be together but do not touch each other.

The WNBA Season is off to a good start and we have been watching as many games as we can. That is hard to do when you go to bed as early as we have to in order to maintain our sleep and our routines. There are three games on tonight but they are all web casts, so I doubt we will watch.

I do have a few temptations to share that all relate to the upcoming July trip. I bought this last week and they will be delivered tomorrow. I also ordered this dress Monday to wear to the renewal of their vows. I am torn on shoes and could use a vote. I have picked the following pairs:

  1. Bandolino Yinta3
  2. Franco Sarto Fancy
  3. Franco Sarto Dash
  4. Nine West Mocha
  5. Ralph Lauren Teagan

I need something with a decent heel but not too high. SF is taller than I am (5'10") so I can have a 3" heel but I don't think that would be practical for the event or to wear to work later, as I will be able to wear the dress to work as well. So all you fashion conscious peeps need to tell me what you think.

Okay, that's all for today....getting ready to shut it all down and head for the casa and a dip in the pool before dinner...


p3knitter said...

Oy! As for the shoes, I am torn between choices #2 and #3. I think both would be a practical buy, to be worn for special occasions as well as work. I love a good wedge, but I also adore a good kitten heel!

Love that luggage ... the stripes are great. The dress is beautiful too!

Have fun!

Megan said...

I forgo practicality when shoes are involved. #4 is gorgeous.