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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Treat

The glue in my house is at her nephew's graduation in NY. She left on Friday at 6:50AM and won't return until tomorrow night at 7:50PM. I hate it when she's gone, but it also allows me some "me time" as well.

I was surprised this Mother's Day when the Munchkin got up early (11:15AM). For those of you with college children, you might be in a better position to understand the rationale behind the first weekend home after finals and the end of the semester, so her sleep time is not a surprise. She plopped down on the bed beside me and then jumped right back up. She came back with two items. One was from her, a lovely glass fingernail file (picture later). The other was a card and a lovely small box.

The card (part of the picture above) was from the wifey. Not her traditional funny card, but a serious one. Guess that goes along with having been a part of each others lives for almost ten years. The box contained the opal necklace that is also in the picture. I will have to get the Munchkin to take one of her professional grade pictures (since photography is her major) to update the site later. I just wanted the world to know that I have the best partner ever. She left money for the girls to take me out for sushi as well.

That was also fun, and the sake was a bonus. We had Marble Slab to cap off the whole trip. All in all, it was a good day to be the mom....


FemiKnitMafia said...

Woohoo! Me time. Love that time.

Michelle said...

What lovely gifts! You are a lucky woman to have such thoughtful family!