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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes, I do Still Live

Yes, we are all still alive and kicking here at Chez Graduation Party 2008. Things are moving at the speed of sound and or light, which ever is faster on any given day.

The new job is going into week four. It is getting easier; however, there is still so much to wrap my arms around. Believe me, I sleep well most nights lately. Business Manager is such an innocent sounding title....hah! I am learning that it is a lot of little jobs all rolled into one blanket title. Don't get me wrong, I love it! There is just a lot to digest.

First order of business, Onyx got her first haircut since she was added to our family. The first picture is the before haircut picture. She has the cutest tufts of hair coming out of her paws. The second picture is was taken after Wifey got her home from the groomer's. She was so adorable. She was smiling and was so happy. She looked like she knew how much we loved her and she was radiant. We have decided that we need to get one of those furminator devices to keep her groomed a little better between haircuts.

The next order of business is the back yard. We have been working hard to get it all in shape. We hired a wonderful young man that assisted us with the flower beds. He charged us a mere $205.00 to weed and mulch all of the beds and plant whatever plants I asked him to. He was amazing. What took him about five hours would have taken us two weekends to get completed. Here are some more recent pictures of the progress. These are not all of the beds, just the ones I could get shots of this morning because the ground was still very wet from all the rain we received yesterday. The lawn guys are due on Wednesday to cut and groom the front and back yard so that it is perfect for the party on Sunday. The last picture is the waterfall. The last picture of the tub showed plumbing parts. It just would not support the water pressure that was needed to run the pump and filter the water, so we had the waterfall built. The water is actually quite clear, even though the picture is not all that well taken. Pipsqueak is very happy to be in her new home. We have seen her exploring the contents and eating little fishes as she sees fit.

Okay gang, that's all the time I have today. I have sent my Saucy Knitters Swap Package, my Four Seasons Swap - Spring Package, and my Scavenger Hunt Angel Package. I will post links and details when I see that they have been added to the appropriate swaps....

Ta Ta For Now.....

Oh, one last thing, God Speed Eight Belles!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I totally love your garden! I just can't get over that bath tub ... it is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

Megan said...

Tha back yard looks great. Have a great party and Happy Mother's Day!

Knittymuggins said...

The garden looks fantastic! Hope gradutation is going well and happy Mother's Day! Hope it was fantastic :)