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Friday, March 28, 2008

Saucy Knitters Hot Sauce Swap Questionnaire

Hot Sauce

1. What kinds of sauces do you like? Do you like ‘em hot and spicy or more toward the sweet? Do you like four alarms going off at once, or a heat that builds? - I like 'em more sweet and whimpy. I want to be able to savor them instead of crying from the heat.

2. Do you have any sauces that you do not like at all? - No, because they all have a purpose.

3. What do you like your hot sauce on? - I like it on greens (collard/mustard/turnip) with a good piece of cornbread. most of all.

4. What kinds of recipes do you like to work your hot sauce magic with? Do you BBQ? Throw it in take-out? Put a dash into your eggs in the morning? Do you like to cook, or do you prefer to just dress up a good take-out dish? - I do cook with it in the winter in soups and chili, and I add it to BBQ sauce for chicken.

5. Do you have any particular food allergies that should be avoided when picking out a hot sauce? - Nope.

6. Recipe you would like to share? - I will have to edit this to go find the link, but there is one for the Kentucky Derby that I like.


1. Do you knit or crochet? - Both, but more knitting than anything else.

2. What are your favorite types of yarns to work with? - I like natural fibers most of all, but with the humid Houston weather I have to be mindful of the "breathability" of the yarn as well. I use acrylics for people that I know would not be able to handle hand washing anything. And for blankets for new mommies too. They don't have time for hand washing of any kind.

3. What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now? - This could take a long time....I have Cherie Amour, Haruha Scarf, Clementine Shawlette, RPM socks, and 10 UFO's that I track on the UFO blog.....

4. What are your favorite colors to work with? Are there any colors you wouldn’t want caught dead in your stash? - Blue, blue, blue, and did I mention blue? I also love royal purples (amethyst), pinks as long as they aren't too girly, and earth/neutral tones. NO Orange for me please....

5. Any preference in your hooks/needles? Prefer bamboo over plastic or aluminum? You’re good with whatever you’ve got to work with? Let us know. - I use aluminum crochet hooks mostly because I like the way they feel. Knitting needles are a bit more tricky. I tend to pick the needle after I pick the yarn. Some yarns work better for me on Bamboo and others work better on metals. Not much plastic except in the JUMBO needles and hooks.

6. Notions. C’mon, let us know – if you get one more measuring tape, will you run screaming from the room? Or are you the type that loses stitch markers constantly? What notions do you love and loathe? - With 13 UFO's, I never have too many notions. I love stitch markers, especially when they are natural stones and or pearls. I always misplace my tape measure, so they are handy. I don't have a project bag like I have seen everyone getting, so that would be a fun thing to get.

7. Any fiber allergies we should know about? - None that I know of.


1. Are you a snacky type of person? Do you like candy? Chocolate? In between hot sauce applications, what would we find you snacking on? - Pretzels, chocolate, Necco wafers, or pita chips would all be safe bets.

2. Are you into recipe magazines? Knitting mags? What kinds of quick, stash-it-in-your-knitting-bag reading do you like to have on hand? - I have a subscription to Cook's Illustrated, and it is in my briefcase all the time. I love to have the latest Interweave with me as well. I plot out patterns or dream about making stuff. I also always have a word search or a cross word puzzle book with me. Helps to keep the brain sharp.

3. What cheers you up? - My bloggy friends entries, walking Onyx, being in the back yard with the family, Wifey, and a good pattern with the perfect yarn. I almost forgot to mention a perfect martini.

4. Do you collect anything other than yarn? - According to Wifey and the kids, TOO much. We collect Hull pottery, Depression and Elegant Glass, buttons, jewelry, and old/vintage knitting and sewing patterns.

5. Do you have pets? - Not counting the human daughters, we have one dog, Onyx, and two cats, Sassy and Eraser.

6. Any other allergies? - Artificial Sweetners (all of them, including Splenda).

7. Are you a swap newbie, or have you done this before? Any good advice for newbies you’d like to share? -Seasoned Veteran. Please take the time to PRINT and READ your partner's questionnaire. Troll through their blog ALOT and OFTEN! If they are on Ravelry, troll through their friends, look at their queue, looks at their stash, look at the library, and look at the groups that they belong to. You can have so much fun if you invest the time in getting to know the person. You can truly make long lasting friendships if you are an active participant with your partner. A swap should never be a drudgery. It should be fun and exciting, like Christmas.

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Leah said...

Hey Lisa! It's so much fun to read other people's questionnaires--I just posted mine too.

I wanted to tell you that yesterday I opened the "Texas Caviar" (with black-eyed peas) that you sent me. It is delicious. So far, I think I've had it with almost every meal over the last two days. First I put it on a bagel and cream cheese that I had for lunch. Then I ate it plain for a snack. Then I put some on my chicken at dinner. I also ate it on a smoked turkey sandwich--I can't recommend that combo highly enough. It's more than half gone, and that's all me! Thank you so so much!