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Sunday, February 4, 2007

What a New Baby Does to Your Creativity

Yes, as most knitters will attest, there is nothing like the announcement of a new baby to make you drag out all of the patterns/books that you have and mull over that special gift that only you can provide.

I am apparently no different. The fact that my niece is having her first child has revved up the yarn stash and caused all the baby books to jump open and try and catch my attention. Of course, I want to make something timeless and classic. A traditional baby blanket with a twist. The main color will be white. A safe choice when we don't know the gender of the new addition. That also gives creative freedom for the border, which will have to remain a secret until I'm finished.

On that note, I need to see if I can get it done before Mom gets her quilt done.....

Back to knitting and Super Bowl preparation.

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